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Our quality policy is not a slogan. It is a clear statement of an important part of our strategy translated into measurable objectives that need to be accomplished over a period of time to allow us to  achieve a good command of the following  :


  1. deadlines compliance in performing our duties, 

  2. full compliance of our deliverables , 

  3. better responsiveness,  

  4. improvement of our performance indicators,  

  5. and finally the satisfaction of our clients.

Our quality policy that is  based on a shared culture within our office  is above all a management commitment. Its implementation is audited on regular basis by external independent auditors.


The level of satisfaction of our customers is subject to an annual satisfaction survey which is at the heart of our quality management system. 

The customer satisfaction survey, combined with our corrective and preventive approach to work dysfunctions, allows us to:


  1. capitalize  on our strengths, 

  2. raise still more our employees awareness on the expectations of our clients, 

  3. and feed a warning system with dysfunctional data  that can affect the level of quality of our services.


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